Feel Memory is a full length documentary about memory in production. 



Feel Memory


Three Daughters, Three Quests, Three Legacies

Three daughters go in search of hidden pieces of their parents’ pasts, each on a quest to fill in gaps in their parent’s life story.


Karen believes her alcoholic father, a shell shocked World War One veteran, never loved her. When he dies, she decides to investigate the past. In putting together the pieces of the puzzle of his early life, she connects his experience on the battlefield "at age 16 fighting for his life," with her own on a football field in Michigan at age 16, "fighting for his love."

At age 10, Rebekah discovers her upper east side, stay at home mom was a child in the holocaust. Throughout her mother’s life, that past remained “a room of my mother’s that I wasn’t invited into”. Days before dying, her mother reveals miraculous and heartbreaking stories about her past.  Rebekah embarks on a quest to find the pieces of her mother’s fragmented story. Can she reconcile the ordinary mom she knew with her mother’s childhood inside the greatest atrocity of the 20th century?

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Why Memory?

Memory is the story we tell of our lives. It’s the story of how we each became who we are. We pass our memories down to our children and it shapes who they are and who they become. It is our history. We can’t get through the day without it, it strings one event to another yet we are completely unaware of it. It makes its way into our dreams and our imaginations and helps us hope and plan for our future.    

We don’t realize that everything we do depends on it until we lose it, or something goes wrong and we become trapped inside of it. It is always there, the backdrop supporting everything we do.  As powerful and as constant as it is,  memory can change. It is dynamic, an act of creation.  And when we change our memories, we change who we are.

Through three powerful, personal stories, Feel Memory looks at the magic, mystery and power of memory as it guides our relationship to the past, helps us navigate the present and enables us to envision the future.