See Memory Poster w laurel

“See Memory”, a Short Film Directed by Viviane Silvera,

To Premiere at American Psychological Association Convention in August

Animated Film Features Interviews with Neuroscientists and Psychiatrists to Explain Our “Magical Capability” Called Memory; Inspired a Feature Documentary Film Now In Development

“See Memory,” a short film by Viviane Silvera, will premiere on August 4 at the annual American Psychological Association Convention in Denver, Colorado. “See Memory” is an 15 minute stop motion film made out of 10,000 painting stills. The film explores how our memories define who we are, how we remember, and the inextricable link between memory and imagination.

The title was inspired by Oliver Sacks’ article "Speak, Memory" and narration is based on interviews with neuroscientists and psychiatrists, including Nobelist Eric Kandel. The film explains our "magical capability" called memory, the essence of what we call "self". Narrator Viviane Silvera describes how memories interact and mingle with imagination, exploring it in "shifting layers of imagery with perception interacting with dreams and imagination."

The positive reaction to “See Memory,” particularly from the scientific community, has sparked support for a full-length production that is currently in development. Titled "Feel Memory," it will expand upon the themes raised in "See Memory” with interviews of scientists as well as animation.

Excerpts of “See Memory” have been screened at Joe’s Pub at the Public (June 2016); the Made in New York Filmmaker Showcase at the Big Apple Film Festival (March 2016) and at The Edward Hopper House, in Nyack, NY (May 2016).