See Memory Press Release

Silvera explores the intimate,  personal nature of memory and the science of remembering in See Memory (2016), a 15-minute film she painted and directed, comprised of 10,000 painting stills.

“I made See Memory with the belief that the need to understand memory and how it shapes who we are is universal. The film combines art and science, giving a vivid and visceral experience of what it is to remember and be haunted as well as enriched by our memories.”

The 23 paintings created for the film portray a young woman’s journey to understand and come to terms with her memories. Told in magical realist style with colors that drip, layer and bleed into each other, the evocative paintings are a visual metaphor for the act of remembering. Each painting is presented with its own stop motion video documenting the making of the piece.

“Looking at Silvera’s work is not unlike exploring a beach in the dark—it takes some time to get situated and one’s path is not readily illuminated. But whether the eye goes to the light or to the mystery of shadow first, the viewer takes his or her own unique journey through each painting.” Gotham Magazine