About See Memory


I use painting and film to make visible the process of memory and how images become layered and transformed over time.

The project began in film: I shot footage with two actors—a therapist and a young woman. We follow the young woman as she walks through central park on a winter’s day to her therapy session and cuts between her journey to the therapy room and her walk through the park, where we catch glimpses of her inner world/dreams. I used this material to explore themes of connection vs. disconnection, past vs present, dreams vs. reality and interior vs.exterior.

The film transformed into paintings: I selected stills from the footage and simplified and abstracted the imagery in paintings, so that the paintings are less particular, and more like schemas--suggestive dreams onto which each viewer can project their individual story and mood. 

The paintings go back into film: While painting, I shot a still of each stage of each painting, and those thousands of stills are edited together to create a stop-motion for each painting so that the viewer watches the imagery come into being, and the layers of what gets covered and lost.

Narration was complied from interviews I conducted with neuroscientists and psychiatrists on memory.

The combining of painting and film reflects memory’s changing qualities. The visible, painted layers in the paintings are a metaphor for the pieces that get covered and lost along the way as memories transform through the passage of time and the layering of experience.

The images began in film, were re-imagined and re-created as paintings, and ultimately go back into film, with instant images transformed into ones that take shape gradually.