These are paintings in production, for Feel Memory Project; short films based on interviews with people about their struggles with memory and how the framing and reframing of memory has shaped their life stories:

A woman struggles with somatic infant memories of abandonment and subsequent adoption.

 A woman recounts how she discovered her mother survived the holocaust and lost her own brother and mother in a death camp, when she asks for her mother's help on her 4th grade family tree project.

A woman takes on many guises from age 4 - 10, as she hides in a catholic convent during the holocaust,holding out hope that she will be reunited with her parents, only to discover, that her father, a renowned polish painter was killed at the beginning of the war... now in her 80s, she has spent a life time searching for and collecting her father's paintings, still haunted by the loss of the years she never had with him.