See Memory:

See Memory is a film made out of 10,000 painting stills.  It explores how our memories define who we are, how we remember, and the inextricable link between memory and imagination.

See Memory’s main character is a girl who we meet walking through Central Park on a winter’s day.  She is alone and disconnected, lost within the world of her suffering--unable to decipher reality from dream.   She enters therapy and gradually connects with the therapist who bears witness to her story.  Leaving, she re-enters the park transformed by the sharing her story--everything looks and feels completely different.

Recent research in neuroscience has shown that from the moment we recall them, memories are in flux, interacting and mingling with imagination. See Memory explores this idea in shifting layers of imagery with perception interacting with dreams and imagination. Interviews with psychiatrists and neuroscientists guide the imagery in the film, speaking about the purpose and process behind remembering.

Swing in Summer

Girl on a Rock with Boat

Two Horses

Girl at Door

Through the Window

Rising Sun



Winter Swing

Snowy Tree

Flowers Grow

Blue Horse

The Boat Dream


They Meet


Reach Out

On My Way

Before They Sit

Empty Room

Empty Room

Until She Comes

In the Snow